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Retirement can be easy and happy

About myself

Hello, my name is Laraine.

I am recently retired, looking forward to an easy happy retirement.  What do I like most about being retired?  The free time, the lack of pressure, the lack of rush.  I can be myself, and a lot of people are hungry for that.

I heard from a lot of people when i was about to retire not to commit to anything for the first three months at least.  Others have said to wait one year before doing anything that is a regular commitment.

I agree most with the second suggestion.  I am nearing the end of my second quarter, and I have moved into a pattern of exploration, which is very open ended and has only the structure that I choose to put on myself.

I have a list of the things that I like about getting old, and I will put these up in a later post, but needless to say one of my favorite things about getting older is the possibility of retirement.

So retirement that is easy, lazy, and happy:  what does that mean?  I will explore that  here and I encourage others to add other reflections, recommendations and experiences of their own.  This is a very nice part of life, yet it is a part of life that many people dread, believing that their “useful life” has ended.  It certainly has not ended, and we can all search for the ways to be relaxed, open, and creative in a way that suits us.

Easy:  I don’t have as much money as I would like to have, but I have a place to live and food, friends and family.

Lazy:  I can get up in the morning when I am ready, eat when I want, and spend my time as I wish.  Some days I am busy, some days I am relaxed and accomplish relatively little.

Happy:  I am finding that I can take the time to pursue new interests, and develop new friendships and hobbies.  This includes improving my Spanish language fluency, spending time in art museums, and going out with friends.  I no longer have to make so many choices about how I will spend my time.  I am free to explore to see what is out there that I would like.