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Dairy free living

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Hooray for Mark Bittman!! Mark Bittman writes food columns and blogs for New York Times.  He is also the author of two important cookbooks, maybe more.  The biggies are How To Cook Everything, and How To Cook Everything Vegetarian.

Two weeks ago he wrote a column about the problems with milk and dairy, describing his life long problems with the upset stomach, and GERD (a now favorite diagnosis, treated with both prescription and over the counter medications).  I remember also hating milk as a child and problems with allergies, breathing, upset stomachs, and intestinal problems.

Now I identify lactose intolerance as the problem and I can avoid dairy, and stay healthy.  In today’s column Mark Bittman described the results of sudden health that a lot of people experienced once they stopped the dairy consumption.  This is not something that your family doctor will tell  you, you have to find it out on your own.  It is worth a try for anyone with digestive problems, or problems with allergies:  avoid dairy for a week or two, and see if it makes a difference.


Author: retirelazyandhappy

I am recently retired from the practice of psychology. I live in Minnesota, in a small city in the south metro area. I have one grown son and a daughter in law. My interests include reading both fiction and nonfiction, studying languages, right now Spanish, I have a desire to travel to Europe and South America in particular. My interests include politics, alternative health and nutrition. I have found that I enjoy writing.

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