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Knee replacement progress

Last Tuesday I went to Rochester for a followup exam of my knee after my knee replacement on Feb. 1.  Everything went well!

The trip down to Rochester was difficult because of a snowstorm the day before.  The landscape between the twin cities metro area and Rochester is rural and flat, and the day was windy: the perfect setup for snow blowing across the road, making it slippery and treacherous.  I will be forever grateful to a good friend who did the driving, even though driving in difficult conditions is something that she usually avoids.

The X-rays and the exam were good, my knee is now straight, and the leg with the surgery is now longer than my other leg.  So I may get a lift for the shoe.

But my walking is good, and smooth, and the bend in my knee, although I have some way to go, is good for 6 weeks post surgery.

I am pleased with the results.  I do recommend the Mayo Clinic for anyone who needs a knee replacement, especially my surgeon, Dr. Sim.




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Back from knee replacement

Rochester, Minnesota from Quarry Hill Nature C...

Rochester, Minnesota from Quarry Hill Nature Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six weeks ago I had my left knee replaced at Methodist Hospital in Rochester MN.

What an experience!

I have had a very good outcome.  I see the surgeon for my 6 week check up tomorrow, and I am hoping that he will be pleased with my progress.

I would not say that it was easy:  I basically learned how to walk again.  (Actually, I think I learned to walk properly for the first time in my life.

Some positives:  Besides learning to walk correctly, I am taller (my knee was bent inward toward my right knee) and my core muscles have all been strengthened by the exercises that I had to do to strengthen and straighten my leg.  The rest of the exercises were to increase the bend or range of motion in my knee.

I’ll let you know what the surgeon says about this when I see him tomorrow.

Till then:  Enjoy walking.