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I want to do a shout out for two webites that I found.  The first is

Chopchop magazine  I found this one through Mark Bittman’s blog on the New York times (  Here is the mission statement of the parent organization: ChopChop Kids:

“ ChopChopKids is an innovative non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook real food with their families. We believe that cooking and eating together as a family is a vital step in resolving the obesity and hunger epidemics.” (seen on the home page of

These are attractive and very easy recipes meant fro children to do with some parental supervision.

Why do I like it?  Because I want to find some easy, quick, and healthy recipes for myself.  Being the lazy sort, the simpler, and quicker, but healthier, the better.  This magazine provides fuel for three of my passions:  Laziness, because they are quick and easy, Nutrition, because they are healthy, and aesthetics, because the magazine is beautiful

Try it out.

Another website:   The goal of Good Guide is Find safe, healthy, green & ethical products based on scientific ratings. (As seen on the home page of the Good Guide.)

GoodGuide | Ratings of Natural Products, Green...

GoodGuide | Ratings of Natural Products, Green Products, and Healthy Products (Photo credit: Doc_Chris)

Good guide provides ratings on household products, including cleaning, cosmetics and apparel.  These ratings feature each product’s impact on health, the environment and the society.  In light of the number of toxic substances in the world today, and the poor conditions in many of the factories that produce the products that we consume, these ratings will help us make purchasing decisions that respect our values.  The rating can be filtered to reflect those values that are most important to you.  There is even an application for mobile devices that will allow you to scan the barcode of a product and access the ratings for that product.  Alternative products can be suggested, ones that reflect the values that you used as a filter.

Have fun with both of these.


Author: retirelazyandhappy

I am recently retired from the practice of psychology. I live in Minnesota, in a small city in the south metro area. I have one grown son and a daughter in law. My interests include reading both fiction and nonfiction, studying languages, right now Spanish, I have a desire to travel to Europe and South America in particular. My interests include politics, alternative health and nutrition. I have found that I enjoy writing.

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