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Hi readers,

I found this website from an article on the New Yorker online newsletter.  It is a magazine for women, written by women, started by a man! who has

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

done another magazine startup and it did very well.  So this has promise.

Bustle is well laid out, the articles have some serious intent as well as some entertainment value.  (Today’s articles include news about Larry Summers, and the Colorado floods, as well as an enthusiastic welcome to the new Miss America to the ranks of celebrity.) She is an talented dancer, ethnically Indian, and sounds like a fun, intelligent, warm person.

Take a look at it and have some fun.  I found it easier to grasp and to interact with than the Huff Post, although the articles do use the Huff Post as well as other websites to add filler information and video supplements to the stories.

Have a good day.