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The Government Shutdown

Well, I turned off my TV when I couldn’t stand any more blah blah about the coming government shutdown.  So I will first present my admittedly sourpuss version of what may happen over the next few weeks.

First, the government shuts down.  I am genuinely sorry for those people who work for the government in some capacity and who will be without a paycheck.  Otherwise, I cannot see how we will notice the difference.  The tea party can not be dismissed as fringe.  They are loud, powerful and well funded. and i think the government will shut down.  However, the things that they are against: the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps, will continue. (That’s the good news!)

The military, which they love, will lose some of their civilian workers.  (Too bad, So Sad!)  No new bills will be voted on.  However, they haven’t passed anything worth while anyway, so I don’t know that we will notice the difference.

I guess what I am saying, is that a section of the government which refuses to do anything won’t be missed when they close up shop.  It’s like a restaurant that was open for a while but didn’t serve any food won’t be missed when they don’t open one day.

The problem is that the Republican party has backed itself into a corner, and I don’t see how the shut down can end once it has started.  So maybe it will just continue.  That will be interesting.

If the crisis is resolved, either before or after the shut down, it won’t matter because we will just hear the same thing about the fiscal cliff.  The same arguments, the same crises.  No difference.  When the House of Representatives refuses to increase the debt the real problems will start.  There is going to be some money in the treasury, so some payments will be made, but not all of them.  So, we may reduce Medicare, Medicaid, relief for the poor, the military, and possibly interest payments.  We will be seen for what we have become.  A nation that has lost its way.

Tomorrow, some thoughts from a non professional about what changes we need to make to have a great America again.