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Why Nigeria?

I think I am starting to feel and sound like a curmudgeon but some of the stuff I hear on the news makes me crazy!!

Hundreds of school girls get kidnapped, the reaction of the Nigerian government is “ho-hum, what’s new? Whatever.” and there is no consequence.  The statesmen of the world, the representatives of the world’s big businesses will all meet in Nigeria this year, instead of in Davos Switzerland.  They want to celebrate the wonderful growth of business in Nigeria.  This meeting will crown Nigeria as a new “successful” nation.

OIL? Corruption?

Nigeria has been described as so rich in oil that it will drip oil if it is poked.  In addition it has a diversified economy.

On the other hand, the infrastructure is inadequate, unless it is serving the oil industry.  The population is “underdeveloped” and I have to admit I don’t know what that means.  It probably includes uneducated.  The government is known to be corrupt. If anybody is wondering why terrorist groups like Boko Haram have a strong following in Nigeria you may have to look no further than the fact that too many people are poorly educated, left behind, and used only to build industry.

When will the world start to care less about the oil industry (which will do fine without so much reverence) and start to pay attention to the well being of people?