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Taxes? Yes!!

Check out Nicholas Christof’s article in the New York Times Opinion page in today’s paper. (July 3, 2014, online edition.)

Good description of the problems with America’s recent refusal to pay adequate taxes.  Billions go for the costs of war, and very little goes to the well being of Americans.  The result is poor roads, unsafe bridges, failing schools that need updating, limited broadband, poor airports, and limited and certainly inadequate public transportation.  How are we going to be leaders of the world when we refuse to care for America the country, and Americans, the people?

Other statements: Paul Krugman points out in the same issue (Paul Krugman Blog, July 3, 2014 Opinion Pages, New York Times) that real public spending on construction has fallen drastically since 2009.  This follows from the refusal to spend money on people, while the very wealthy get subsidies and support.

On a happier note Minnesota has finally stopped raining!  At least for a day I hope.  It is cool, but not cold.  We expect warm weather and sun for the Fourth of July.  Bring on the fireworks.  We will figure out some fun ways to enjoy each others company.

Today I am off to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts where I volunteer at the Information desk.  Come and see the Sacred exhibit if you haven’t already.  Large and beautiful, it will be closing soon.  It is an examination of what sacred means to different places, different cultures.

For something else beautiful and new see the Finland exhibit.

There is more and more….

Have a great Fourth!!