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Politics, Corruption, and (In spite of that) Happiness

Thoughts about politics

I have had a lot of thoughts about the changes in the United States Congress.  I have to admit that the Democrats who ran for election or re-election deserved the loss that they experienced.  When they refused to defend the Affordable Care Act, the stimulus to the economy, and the need for more help for the middle class (like an increase in the minimum wage) they abandoned the record that the Democratic Party stands for and needs to continue.

Enough said.  I hope the Democrats that are left will find a way to be articulate and proud.

Thoughts about Corruption

Read an article in The New Yorker Magazine: January 19, 2015 issue.The Article is “Corruption and Revolt” by Patrick Radden Keefe.  In this article he describes some of the rampant corruption that runs through the government of Afghanistan.  The Karzai family runs a remarkable drug program that is aided and abetted by the CIA.  If you feel startled and discouraged by this statement, read the article.  (Warning:  You won’t feel better after you read it.)

Sorry, this doesn’t sound very happy.

Thoughts about being happy

So on to happy:  I have been babysitting my one year old grandson twice a week for a year now.  He is cute, sweet, and a real mover.  I spent two weeks in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in December, and I am planning a return trip in April.  I moved from one small suburb of St. Paul to another suburb of Minneapolis in the Fall of 2014.  Now I am closer to the action of Minneapolis, and I am very happy about that.  I have continued to volunteer at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts.  If you are in the Minneapolis area check it out.