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Enough of Trump

Note to news shows:  Focus on real issues!

Why do we have to talk about Trump?

I watch the newscasters every night discussing the latest, or replaying Donald Trump’s statement from last week, last month, last whenever. Then they ask why everybody talks about Trump!!

Here are some suggestions:

When Trump says “I will be wonderful to women” try some research on this. How well does he pay and promote women? What happens in the Trump organization when there is sexual harassment? (Even when it is from the top.)

For all of the candidates, from both parties:

What do you think should be done about the increasing income inequality in this country?

What do you think should be done about the cost of education?

What do you think should be done about the numbers of undocumented workers in our country?

What do you think the United States should do about the many refugees in the world from war, crime, poverty, terrorism, and persecution?

There are many other questions that could be asked, and the answers could get some followup research.

It would be a welcome break from shows in which a candidate appears, only to be asked about what he thinks about Donald Trump!

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Defense of Fox news!!

I cannot believe that I am defending Fox news!

But here goes:

Usually I like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  I think she makes too much of minor issues some times. But today…

Chill out Rachel!

First of all, 10 candidates on any stage is too many,

We should have fewer candidates, not more. What difference does it make who makes the ninth and tenth and eleventh spots? They are far out in the field any way.

There is another debate at 5 o’clock on Fox news for those candidates who didn’t make the top 10. People who want to watch it will watch it.  Most shows on tv can be screened when people want to see them, rarely are we restricted to live presentation. So all of them will have exposure.

I personally think the first debate (for the bottom seven, to be held at 5:00 EDT) will be the better one. Both might be worth watching. Perhaps none of them will be worth watching.

One thing is certain. Missing out on that top 10 candidates debate will not end anybody’s political career. There is plenty of time for commentary, news making, and there will be more debates. There is more than a year left: lots will happen.

Maybe more people would take the first debate seriously if the news media would stop calling it the “children’s table.” Name calling and demeaning comments are not limited to the word “rapists.”

While there is a lot of fuss made about the criteria for the first debate there is very little attention paid to real issues:

the need for cleaner air and water,

the need for better and safer infrastructure,

the need for more work,

the need for better wages,

the number of regulatory agencies that are underfunded,

the excessive role of fundamental religious views in politics.

What would happen if these issues were mentioned, debated, addressed?