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My concerns about a Donald Trump Presidency

There are many reasons to be concerned about the possible Presidency of Donald Trump.  The concern that I want to talk about today is Mr. Trump’s behavior of criticising, denigrating, and in some ways threatening those people who do not agree with him or who do not support him.

For example, when Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona said he was not ready to endorse Mr. Trump the Presidential candidate threatened to support his opponent.  When Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, would not endorse Mr. Trump he accused her of not doing her job.

Trump accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a fraud case over Trump University, of being a “hater” and accused him of being biased.  IMG_1554

There are many other concerns.  People are called names routinely during Trump rallies.  Mr. Trump has had a long history of questioning President Obama’s birth and lately his educational credentials.  (This is interesting in light of the questions about Melania’s Trump’s educational inflation and the recent questions about her visa.  Has Trump really been talking about his own family all along?)

Mr. Trump has used many methods to injure  those who disagree with him or who do not support him.  These range from threats (delivered by Mr. Trump himself, or by colleagues or employees) to questions about the person’s ability or qualifications.  Whenever Mr. Trump comes across them, he encourages them, repeats them, and reinforces them.  The comments and t-shirts available at his rallies demonstrate remarkable levels of hate.

Mr. Trump has a lot of influence right now and he can do a lot of harm.  Think about what could happen if he becomes President Trump.  He is a person who attacks and criticises people who cannot strike back with any power.  As a President, Mr. Trump would have a lot of power over people who work for the federal government and also indirectly over those who work for state governments.  Mr. Trump has frequently threatened the work security of someone who doesn’t support him.  This is a very effective coercive technique to get compliance.

This is a dictatorship.  This is dangerous.