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Respond to Trump’s Election

Has the country been destroyed?  No, but there are things that we need to do to combat the poison of a Trump presidency.

Where is the consolation?

I can now wish Hillary Clinton a good peaceful retirement, hopefully where Trump cannot reach her. Secondly I hope she will find some enjoyment, and I hope she will have time now to love up her grandchildren, and find a way to enjoy her free time and her money. Believe me, she has earned both.

Now we have to be unremitting in our criticism of Trump and his beliefs and his policies. First of all we need to protect the environment. That is the first order of business.

Second we have to respect the immigrants and the contributions that they have made and that they continue to make.

Next we have to push for better wages and fairer taxation policies. The wealthy get more benefits from the government, they should be asked to pay more as well.

We need to push for affordable post high school education. This can take many forms from free state colleges and universities, to affordable and available community college and lifetime training, to apprenticeships for people starting or changing careers.

As a woman I am offended by the treatment of women in Trump’s campaign. All of the women in his family have been models, and/or promoting fancy clothing. While we like clothing, it is hardly putting forward our best selves when what American women stand for is arm candy, sexual toys, or servants. Women want and have earned the right to be in power. We will make America great again. Right now it is not.

America is first in the military, in spite of what Trump has said, and unfortunately that is the one thing that he will build up. We are not first in education, we are not first in health care, and we are not first in the ability to make choices and move up in the world. We have a lot to learn. Donald Trump will not help us learn from the rest of the world.

But we have to keep trying to be better people, to be a better country. This will take some hard work and study.

Now it is time to get started. Sometimes the worst thing that happens can be the best thing in the long run, because if forces change.


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Back to the Blog

Wow, it feels good to be back.

I haven’t stopped blogging because of disinterest, or laziness (in spite of the title of this blog), but because of life.  First and best, I became a grandmother!  My cute little grandson is called Bennett and he wins the title of the most gorgeous baby ever.  Also I started to baby sit two days a week while his Mommy and Daddy are at work.  Since I stay over night the night before that takes a lot of time.  (Lets not even think about the energy that it takes!)

Then I moved.  This was sudden. I found a place closer to Minneapolis, so I put my condo up for sale.  Once it was ready it sold in 10 days, and meanwhile the place that I wanted had been sold, so I felt temporarily homeless.  But I found a really nice condo in a great neighborhood, with very friendly people, a quiet street just two blocks away from a lot of action.  In other words, a perfect location.  Moving, settling in, learning the neighborhood, great times.

Right now the baby (1 year old) is napping, so I have a chance to write.  It feels so good to get back to this.

So here are some of my thoughts on the recent political situation:

First the topic of immigration. When commentators say Obama should give the Republicans a chance to do something on immigration I think:

First: They have every chance in the world. They have had chances for years. Nobody is stopping them. If they want to do something about immigration reform, let them do it.

Second: Most of what is said about immigration reform is incorrect. The border is more secure than it was when Mr. Obama took office. How much do the Republicans want to spend on border security, and how will they raise the money for it? If they want to have immigration reform, well get together and create a bill that they can pass.

Third: When Democrats lost so badly in the last election they had only themselves to blame. They could have made some strong statements about improved health care, increased border security, and a responsible effort to ensure that Iran did not get nuclear weapons.

I will say more about this in future posts.  Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.