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Trump’s Surging (Down) Stock Market

Have you checked out the stock market lately?  Trump loves to take credit for how well the country is doing since he has been Pres.  Gee, sometimes stocks go down.

I am sure we will hear the usual silly stuff about the fear that (oh my gosh!!) we might have a tiny little increase in interest rates.  Or that (gasp) working people might get a tiny little increase in wages.  Never fear, it won’t  be enough to give the workers a living wage, but still!  Raises!!

Have people been checking out what T is doing lately?  Like inquiring about the ease or difficulty of evacuating Americans from South Korea?  Of the fun of building up the atomic arsenal?  Of developing “low” power atomic bombs?  Of drilling along our coastlines?  Of allowing crap to be dumped into the streams and rivers?

When your life is in danger, you just may avoid the stock market.  You might get your money where it is safe.  Denmark is looking good right now.  (China, anyone?)


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First year, second quarter

I have finished the second quarter of retirement, and I am now in the third.  What is happening now is the desire to be a little more structured, but the challenge is to decide what I want to do.  (Am I really asking what I want to be when I grow up?)

This is quite a quest.  So far I have taken and completed a course on copywriting.  I have started the process of a medical procedure that is designed to improve immunity.  This is through the Dzugen Physiologic company, and it will involve blood tests, a history, and taking supplements and hormones to restore a healthy functional balance.  Since our hormonal levels drop after the age of 35, by the time we are in retirement age we may be facing many of the diseases of aging, which are related to unbalanced hormonal levels or low hormonal levels.  The Dzugen Physiologic program is designed to repair those changes and restore an optimal balance.

I am also taking a website course, and the goal of the course is to develop a website that will generate income.  This can be a challenge, because I have a lot of interests.  I love reading, both fiction and nonfiction, I love the prospect of travel, I am interested in good investments, and right now I have been doing dividend investing. I am interested in some political issues, sustainable environments, and language, as well as mind body issues, such as stress management and meditation.

My challenge at the moment is to come up with a topic for a website.

I will add more on this tomorrow.